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4 In 1 Anti-Tangle Charger - Miralusa™

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Color: Black
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Looking for a solution to the cable clutter that seems to multiply every time you turn around? Introducing the 4 In 1 Anti-Tangle Charger™ – your ultimate answer to the hassle of carrying multiple cables. Gone are the days of rummaging through a tangled mess of cords just to find the right one for your device. With four different ports seamlessly integrated into one cable, it's time to simplify your charging experience and streamline your tech accessories. Whether you're a busy professional on the go or a tech-savvy individual juggling multiple devices, this innovative charging solution is designed to meet all your needs with unparalleled convenience.


Say goodbye to the chaos of managing multiple cables for your various devices. The 4 In 1 Anti-Tangle Charger™ consolidates all your charging needs into one sleek and efficient cable. Whether you're charging your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other electronic gadgets, this versatile cable has you covered. With its universal compatibility and multifunctional design, you can now charge all your devices with ease, without the clutter of multiple cables in your space. From home to office to travel, this all-in-one cable is your reliable companion for staying connected wherever you go.


Experience the epitome of efficiency with the 4 In 1 Anti-Tangle Charger™. Offering up to 60W of fast charging power, you can juice up your devices quickly and effortlessly. Whether you're rushing to catch a flight or heading out for a day of meetings, this charger ensures that your devices are always ready when you are. Plus, with lightning-fast data transfer capabilities, you'll never have to wait long to sync your important files. Whether you're transferring photos, videos, or documents, this cable makes the process smooth and efficient, saving you valuable time and energy.


The 4 In 1 Anti-Tangle Charger™ supports a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more. Whether you're an Apple aficionado or an Android enthusiast, this cable is designed to seamlessly integrate into your tech ecosystem. With its versatile design and comprehensive compatibility, you can now charge all your devices with confidence, knowing that you're using a cable that is tailored to meet your specific needs.


  • Size: Available in 1m, 1.5m, and 2m lengths
  • Main Material: Crafted from high-quality plastic, nylon, and TPE
  • Main Interface: Offers Type-C and USB-A connectors
  • Output Interface: Features Type-C and Lightning ports
  • Working Voltage: Compatible with 5V-20V
  • Maximum Current: Supports up to 5A
  • Anti-Tangle & Easy to Store: Flat design prevents tangles, and Velcro keeps it organized
  • High-Quality Construction: Made of zinc alloy and parachute-grade nylon for durability
  • 60W Fast Charging & Data Transfer: Charges up to 60% in 30 minutes and transfers 1G files in 20 seconds
  • CarPlay & Android Auto Support: Enables charging and navigation simultaneously, enhancing convenience on the go

Elevate your charging experience and simplify your tech life with the game-changing 4 In 1 Anti-Tangle Charger™. Say goodbye to cable clutter and hello to seamless charging across all your devices, effortlessly enhancing your daily routine with unparalleled convenience

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